The Designer

Ever since I remember, I wanted to invent new solutions. As I grew this took form in excelling in rational subjects like math and science. To merge my knowledge and desire to design I pursued architecture at university. This along with my culture and experiences formed a distinct aesthetic. The bold colors and traditions of my Indian heritage ingrained me with its beauty. Video games migrated me to another world where my mind could run wild. The performing arts captivated me with its energy and sounds. I continue to develop as a designer and I cannot wait to see what inspires me next.

The Brand

People have always played on my name and not necessarily with the best of intentions. My personal brand emerged from the taunt 'Da Roof Is On Fire.' The graphic symbolizes my mind's creative fire which remains continuously ignited and updated with a current thought, memory, inspiration or ambition. My brand fully grasps the intention of design by turning an adverse condition into a beneficial resolution. Every week I will add a new image and my website will continue to evolve just as I do. Check back often to see new content and what currently fuels my mind.

The History

I grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and then moved to Austin, Texas where I have resided for the past 9 years. I completed my undergraduate degree in architecture, mathematics and business at the University of Texas at Austin. As a student I participated and led many organizations including Texas Winterguard. It has been my pleasure to work with students in the McNeil High School band program 5 years now. I currently work at the UTSOA as the Development's Office Event Coordinator. I will seek out graphic and web freelance opportunities until I make my next big move.