Compliments Complement

Jan 13, 2013

Instead of resolving to evolve and criticizing my faults I will celebrate my successes.

To eliminate all debt, including student loans, and to accumulate savings feels remarkable and responsible. While living in Round Rock I kept focus and alloted the majority of my income to my financial goals. Even with a few emergencies I never dipped into my savings account. After moving out, to a revitalized and highly desired location in Austin, I still managed to save funds even on a modest salary. By continuing to make intelligent decisions my fiscal condition can only further elevate.

Once eligible I wanted to use my staff education benefit to reinforce my self-taught background in programming. Now that I have taken a computer science course I feel as if I should have majored in that when I entered college. My enthusiasm for architecture stays everlasting and unboundful, but I excel at and enjoy rational problem solving with real world implications. Software Design commences tomorrow and I hope to expand the breadth of my knowledge.

Working as an Event Coordinator has challenged my capabilities, especially while orchestrating the architectural tour of Philadelphia from start to finish. The short time I had to plan each detail, negotiate contracts, manage the budget, secure and tend to the participants, and running the event, even in bad health, quantifies every aspect of my job. I can transfer these experiences into the future, personally and professionally. I feel confident with acquiring a more demanding position that I can build into a career.

In November 2011 my let's play youtube channel dhruvplayswithfire launched. Even though my videos had over six thousand views, I remained skeptical that a youtube partnership could emerge. Last month has astonished me since my subscribers have nearly doubled and the view count has accelerated exponentially. I realize that the let's play genre appears over-saturated, but through the high quality of my recordings, quanity and consistency of my uploads, and my increasingly insightful commentary, I may break through.

I vividly remember gasping for air when attempting to run one mile as a preteen, so I still cannot phathom my 10k triumph. However, my exercise regimen has turned sporadic, either because I push myself too hard or from the effects of aging. With all of the other affairs happening in my life I have not settled into a routine, but hopefully I can build habits that will benefit my long term health. I do not need the body of an adonis; I just aspire to love my appearance and the way I feel.

As I approach 25 years of age I feel more inclined to improve on my strengths, rather than to pursue complete perfection. By taking up new hobbies and interests organically, my current projects will take priority. No matter my academic, professional, or emotional state, remaining stagnant has never had a place in my life. With that realization I need not worry about moving forward, but just to decide on which path to take.


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while (ceased): persist()

Dec 20, 2012

As a year ends I switch gears to regenerate my spirit and regain focus.

After rectifying technical difficulties, I recorded and began uploading the second part to my let's play of Civilization V. The fifth main title introduced social policies as a combined government and cultural system and the expansion pack added religion back, both of which I cover. I play as Haile Selassie, the messiah of the Rastafari movement and Emperor of Ethiopia while attempting a cultural victory. The oldest evidence of homo sapiens and one of two African countries to remain sovereign during New Imperialism only touch on the extensive history of Ethiopia.

Autumn ends today with the semester behind and the fictitious Mayan apocalypse tomorrow. Thankfully I finished Elements of Computer Programming and made over over one hundred percent on the final; my high average resulted in a solid A. Even with success, I felt challenged throughout, so I decided to enroll in Software Design. The course covers data structures and complex algorithms, but I will have to wait since winter break commences tomorrow. I lengthened my time off to totally refresh my mind for the advanced problems ahead.

With work not as hectic, I have had the chance to revise, devise, and upload blog entries. The quality and depth of content that has amassed since my website launched amazes me. My programming class also furnished the skills and motivation to redesign my website. With all the knowledge I obtained I do not understand how I managed to code over a year ago. The complexity of using multiple languages can boggle my mind and took non-wavering determination to tackle. The redesign will break down into visual and interactive concepts and segmented code restructuring. I will not hurry to finish; I want a long-lasting, well-thought through product.

Without a higher salary or a new job location I have no desire to move. Neither have occurred, so I renewed my lease to take advantage of residing on the shores of Lady Bird Lake. Even with a full-time job, minimum daylight, and fluctuating weather I have maneuvered the trails a few times this fall. During break I can venture out during the optimum times. For now I will slowly build up my endurance so I can comfortably run during the bright, cool mornings of May, in Austin or in another city.

To realize a migration I submitted the first application since I acquired my current position. I established a minimum salary, narrowed the fields, and selected a few, desired destinations. Perseverance and patience will power me through until the right opportunity shines.


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Nor Nor'East

Oct 11, 2012

The intensity of my trip to, and of the northeast itself, jolted me every which way.

Though I meticulously planned every aspect of the tour to Philadelphia the unexpected always arises during events. On my departure flight from Austin my throat began to feel sore. By the peak of the tour I had completely lost my voice. I kept up my appearance and spirit, rectified every dilemma, and ensured that all the participants enjoyed the expedition. I did not get to venture out on my own to discover the nightlife, but by the end I had established meaningful and valuable connections with the travelers.

In Philadelphia I did not expect to have an epiphany since I planned its entirety. As the group cautiously strolled down the streets of Old City, we arrived at the Rag Flats, a former rag factory converted into a unique residence. The project triggered the memory of my inclination to study architecture. The design-builder spoke passionately about his vision, his struggles, and now as a resident how the space he devised operates for his daily life. The conviction to zero net energy, urban gardens, revitalizing spaces, and building communities excited my design aspirations.

Upon my arrival, Forrest properly introduced me to New York City. Even as a local, he can uncover new places each day. During his business hours I reconverged with the Project Architect of the new Barnes Foundation, Philip Ryan, who guided me through Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects' office on the south edge of Central Park. The attitude and energy resonated within me compared to other architecture firms. I meandered through my last destination, the High Line, which transported me to a seemingly different region of the world. The thresholds and proportions in the refreshing park framed distinct views across the Hudson River.

Living in New York City would quickly expand my network with young ambitious professionals. The high density of people with intelligence, character, and personality could hasten my pursuit of a mate. However, the corridors of the towering skyline sadden my mood. The cramped, expensive spaces, the tattered streets and subway, and the absence of sufficient nature discourages me. Ultimately I would consider a stint in the city, but not a permanent stay.

Back in Austin, development events will occur perpetually for the next month. Any other vacant moments will disappear with computer science studying and homework that have accumulated. Once the semester ends I will have the time to pursue a new occupation. I could work in Austin and securely transfer out of the city, or maybe a distant employer will seize me from the get-go. For years I sought out opportunities with extreme selectivity, but I intend to cast a wide net and survey whatever surfaces.

After wandering the world, I just hope I can return to a place I call home.


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Deja School

Aug 29, 2012

Exploration, mentally and physically, never ceases to enchant me.

As the fall semester begins, I rejoin the student ranks through the staff education benefit program. A full time university employee can participate in the program after a continuous year of employment. To not pass this opportunity up, I enrolled in a computer science course to learn problem solving techniques by programming in Python. It might take time to adapt to student life again, but the knowledge gained will enhance my website and could stimulate my future.

The first videos have been added to my second let's play project on youtube. Part one features Pacal of the Maya and their unique calendar system. Injecting history of the civilization while disecting the scientific mechanics should bring unique content to viewers. With no real time combat and tremendous experience, I feel at ease discussing in-depth strategy. Already my channel has garnered more subscribers, as each video acquires a larger audience than before.

Over the summer I solidified the other major components for the tour to Philadelphia. Participants will now visit Levine Hall by KieranTimberlake, Skirkanich Hall by Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects, and the Louis Kahn Architectural Archives at the University of Pennsylvania. After that, Onion Flats will showcase some of their residential projects featuring their conviction to design-build. Though the tour has almost sold out, a few final details, payments to our vendors, and packed luggage remain incomplete.

As a reward to myself for hard work, I will depart to New York City directly after Philadelphia. One of my closest friends, Forrest, recently moved there to work as an investment analyst. I look forward to staying with him, especially since he believes that New York City would fit my personality and ambitions. I have not explored the city as an adult, so while I wander the streets I will confirm or refute his intuition. Even in limbo I will order my final portfolios and update my references and resume to prepare for, and possibly discover, my future.


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Moving Ahead

Jun 02, 2012

By reflecting on my feats I find the motivation to propel forward.

Figuring out where in the world I want to move to always stays at the back of my mind. I have not left Texas since I traveled to London, which ranks near the top of my list, but in May I visited another city. The American Institute of Architects held their annual convention in Washington, DC, and the school hosted an Alumni and Friends Reception alongside. Commencement took place in Austin two days after, which cut my stay in DC short. I need to return to take in more of the city, but even after a day and a half I would consider living in the U.S. capitol.

After classes ended I started planning two grand tours. The Barnes Foundation opened a new campus in Philadelphia last month, which spurred a Friends of Architecture tour. Organizing a three-day tour of a city I have never visited will challenge my coordinating abilities. Last fall I worked on a tour of Brazil, but not enough spots sold. The travel vendor and I restructured the tour with a better value, withthe same quality and experience plus an option to visit Brasília. If I break down each tour into individual tasks, each will proceed smoothly.

Despite having some of my happiest memories with the McNeil Guard, I may not have an opportunity to work with them again. I can never replicate the relationship I have with Jeanette and each of the performers. With more experience in the pageantry arts, I might consider working with another ensemble. If an opportunity comes up to perform again I could refine my technique and expand my vocabulary. I could merge new technical skills and understanding of choreography to advance as a show designer. Until then I need to move forward and concentrate on other design media.

The last video of Skyward Sword finally uploaded to YouTube. I will get a break before the Civilization V expansion titled Gods & Kings releases this month. Though I have put countless hours into the base game, it will take some time to get acquainted with the new mechanics and brush up on my strategy. To keep it challenging, I will not play as any of the new civilizations beforehand. This game will show off my strategic prowess and draw more subscribers as I build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

Today I celebrated the anniversary of this blog, my birthday, and my move back to Austin. I write this entry from my new apartment, which resides between the south shore of Lady Bird Lake and Riverside Drive. Throughout college I avoided Riverside, but the area has begun to transform with the rest of Austin. The neighborhood retains some character from the past, yet has made headway in quality and safety. By getting back into Austin, I can spend less time on my commute and proceed swiftly with my long term goals.


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Apr 15, 2012

A little extra energy makes a big difference in achieving endeavors.

Yesterday I finished my first 10K race with my coworker, Lisa. I had trouble keeping up with my training schedule, yet I managed to preserve my calculated pace overall. After a while my legs demanded to slow down, but Lisa helped me rally the willpower to keep going. When the finish line caught my eye, my body charged to the end, which felt so gratifying. Throughout this process I realized I loathe running, so I will try other activities, on top of my fitness, that boost my disposition.

At the Texas Color Guard Circuit Championships, McNeil Winterguard won first place in their division and class. Though Jeanette and I stress that success does not always equate to trophies, I could not have felt more thrilled for the ensemble's gold medal. They continued to progress as we pushed them to their limits of skill and performance. The cast's bond grew closer together, whether victory or defeat. At the end of the season the show reflected their resolve and the judges rewarded their achievement.

Living in Round Rock has taken a toll on me. The exhausting commute and the parental setting have undermined my faculties. However, the time I have spent here allowed me to pay off my loans and accumulate a sound savings. With this financial security, I can live in Austin while I prepare for my big move. I have tried to find a place before, but I cannot settle for security, quality or location. With increased determination I know my search will turn up a captivating space.


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One Giant Leap

Feb 29, 2012

The past two months have flown by while I leapt right into my resolutions.

Having no debt feels so satisfying and freeing. I finished paying off my student loans and will avoid committing to another loan anytime soon. I can only foresee getting a loan if my car breaks down before I move into a location that does not require one. Even now I take mass transit more often than I drive, though exclusively riding the bus or the light rail in Round Rock would not work.

McNeil Winterguard began competing with their 2012 program entitled 'Interpretation #2 in Blue.' I relish working with the ensemble again after missing the previous marching season. Adapting the design process from 'Interpretation #1 in E Flat,' to Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' created a strong design, yet distinct style. The show looks steadily better as the instructor and I tweak the details and as the students master the steps.

I finished recording my first let's play project. Some videos still need to render, but that procedure poses no challenge compared to the commentary. Doing the let's play allowed me to savor the game at the slower pace, but it also lost some of the relaxation and thrill I enjoy about gaming. Next time I will use a game that focuses on my ability to master complex strategy versus controller dexterity.

The Longhorn Run takes place in less than two months and I decided to sign up. I could have registered for the two mile race, but I decided to go straight for my 10K goal. Thankfully, I feel comfortable with the close to campus route; I cannot image running in an area that I do not know. My training schedule will hopefully build enough strength and stamina in time for the race.

Though not a goal, I spontaneously came out to my mom about a month ago. In a mostly sleeping state, my rationale could not stop my impaired judgement. I have no regrets about it at all, though she did not completely accept it. Despite the fact that it will take a while for her to understand, I feel relieved to have stepped out of the closet after all these years. The sense of not progressing quickly enough resonates strongly within me lately. I understand recent graduates commonly feel worried as well, especially since my life has taken so many unexpected twists and turns, but I cannot shrug it off. I will do my best to use it as motivation instead of as frustration as I reach past the moon and for the stars.


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Jan 17, 2012

The year started off with a round of fire to my project checklist. I keep meticulous lists so I do not have to recall information constantly. When my brain overflows with details I stress out and forget simple tasks and thoughts. This blog strives to list my thoughts in a more eloquent manner. With one list done, another one begins.

When I graduated I started paying off my student loans as fast as I could. I only want interest that I earn, not pay. Next month I will pay my loans in full and have no debt. After I save up I can move into a new place, maybe in a new city. Instinctively, I feel somewhere closer to the clouds or next to the ocean calling me. I have resided in the same area for almost ten years, so I cannot wait to travel and explore more of the world.

As I get older, I grow more conscious of my body and how I can improve my fitness and form. Circuit training has shaped my physique while keeping me healthy. I want to add weightlifting for strength and high intensity cardio for stamina so I can run a 10K and swim five miles. Color guard taught me how to move with grace, but I would never consider myself a dancer. If I could train enough to do a fouette' turn or the splits, my posture, flexibility and body control would reach another level.

While math and science come intuitively to me, language arts do not. To raise my reading comprehension and speed I will ask my friends for five books to read. It would amplify my experiences to converse in foreign languages as I travel the world. I have been exposed to Hindi and Japanese, but since I previously studied French, I will pursue that first. Though similar to language, coding errors in the logic and diction can cause the whole script to fail. By studying programming languages I can eventually design an application.

To progress as a designer I want to study other creative mediums. By sewing a complete look from scratch I would explore fashion design. I have not used Adobe Flash in depth, but I want to create an animated story or game. Even though published, I will perpetually work on my website and hopefully design three new ones. I have focused on producing and though I have no intention of slowing down, I also need to broaden my network online so people can see what I produce.

Call me ambitious or crazy, but I will give these resolutions my best shot!


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Dec 02, 2011

The end of the semester and the six month mark of my blog fall on today. Development events fell back-to-back, keeping me productive and focused.

The Alumni and Friends Reception in Dallas, the first major event that I coordinated, put planning abilities to the test. The school hosts receptions during professional conventions to enhance the relationship with alumni and community supporters and raise further funds. Finding a venue in a different city with a small budget and proximity constraints persisted as the main challenge. As a state agency, the university has strict legal conditions which caused too much difficulty with the first venue. Thankfully, PageSoutherlandPage invited the UTSOA to host the event at their recently renovated office and the evening turned out splendid.

Battle Hall, an architectural symbol and precedent for later university buildings, celebrated its centennial in November. The Architecture and Planning Library resides within Battle Hall, so the architecture and library staff worked together on the event. I help arranged the keynote speech from Lawrence Speck and the reception that followed in the Reading Room. All the pieces fell into place, and over 300 people from the university community packed the events.

Though the Friends of Architecture Tour to Brazil will not occur until July 2012, I negotiated the trip details and drafted the elaborate contract. The participants will visit Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Inhotim, Ouro Preto, and Rio de Janeiro and see designs by some of Brazil's preeminent architects. With a few more adjustments, the school will start selling tickets for the highly anticipated tour.

Since events sustained the duration of the semester, I took a hiatus from my design projects to acclimate to my new job. I saved up for a new desktop computer and began recording gameplay with live commentary in conjunction with the release of Skyward Sword. Subscribe to my let's play channel at to follow along!


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Abroad Exhibit

Aug 31, 2011

Students have arrived from around the world for the start of the fall semester so events fueling academia cram this time like no other. The UTSOA lecture and exhibition series commence today with the At Work exhibit. It features my most recent freelance project in addition to select firms that have participated in the Professional Residency Program. The output consisted of different challenges than the rigorous, yet linear analysis. The decisions of material, structure and assembly can restrict ultimate design goals and cost significant time and money especially when mistakes take place. Since I consciously thought of these decisions throughout the design process the output executed smoothly. After the exhibit closes the PRP can use the graphic analysis as a reference for students researching firms and as a tool to expand the program further. I will record footage of the opening so I can create a short film about the design. Videography and animation document and spread ideas effectively and add another dimension of design. Until I complete the film anyone can view the exhibit in the Mebane Gallery (Goldsmith Hall 2.105), so check it out!


fall university exhibit freelance output animation film

Recent Development

Aug 08, 2011

The everyday elements of my life have drastically changed. I recently moved out of my studio apartment of two years. Living alone boosted my focus, but I enjoy the change of scenery and the dynamism of others. Recently the Development Associate (Event Coordinator) position opened up at the School of Architecture. Within a week's time I applied, interviewed and got the job. I just finished my first week as a full time employee and the job already feels like a good fit. The experience of coordinating events and networking with influential individuals in the university environment can only benefit my professional repertoire. Along side my new job, I started a freelance project for the next exhibit at the UTSOA. The graphic analyzes the history of the school's Professional Residency Program and extends sixteen feet wide and six and a half feet tall. I have made significant progress, but the analysis requires more meticulous work. One thing that hasn't changed is the heat. Even after nine years in Texas I can never adapt to temperature highs that consistently top 105 degrees. I relish the cooler weather and the liveliness of the university that autumn will bring.


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A Midsummer Night

Jul 15, 2011

It's refereshing to look back on the first half of the summer and reflect on how my projects have progressed. I printed a proof of my portfolio and received a lot of great feedback. It's definitely a more graphic portfolio with an architectural background than an generic architecture one, but that's definitely evocative of me. That leaves some questions in terms of the future, but being more than a one trick pony won't hurt. Though this website has been online and somewhat functional for a while it still has a way to go and I picture it to be always a work in progress. My web class is over officially and it was more than worth it. If the right doors don't open more me ASAP, I'll take my time and explore different avenues of design. I'm going to start a flash animation project and maybe it will develop into a game which would be so cool. Video games have definitely impacted my aesthetic as well as me and it would be great to do the same for other people. Ernie (my dog) and I will be working the night away on this website (well moreso me) and enjoying the midsummer night. I hope it's as pleasant where you are. Cheers!


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Jun 02, 2011

Welcome! This Weblog entry will hopefully be the first of many to follow. I plan to blog about my chronicles through design and life. Today is my 23rd birthday and it's been full of productivity! I might take some time off during the weekend to enjoy it, but for now I am aching to get my portfolio done. Today also marks the start of a web development class I am taking. My goal is to have this website/blog/online portfolio up by the end of the class. Cheers to a great year ahead.


summer birthday website portfolio